I offer an in house service for Cheyenne, Ego and many other types of rotary machines. The service includes the replacement of the current input with a standard RCA input as well as circuit board removal an rewiring for Cheyennes and other rotary Machines. The Cheyenne Pen is NOT available for the RCA conversion service. Cheyenne Pen return spring repair service is available. This service WILL VOID CHEYENNE WARRANTY. Turn around time is 1-2 business days. All work is performed by me personally.

The Very Best in Tattoo Equipment. Tattooer Owned / Built Since 2009

Clip & RCA Cords


Need an ON/OFF switch or maybe you run a few machines and would rather just flip a switch to change them? I offer The Romper Stomper and 2, 3 and 4 way switch Boxes. Built to last forever

Cheyenne and Rotary Conversion/ Repair Service

Foot Switches

The ORIGINAL AlBro Clip Cord.The best built, best backed cord in the trade. Designed to give your tattoo machine the cleanest, most dependable power it deserves.

Hand made from the highest quality materials. From basic to top of the line, all foot switches are built to take a beating and last a lifetime. 

Switch Boxes

My love for the trade that has given me so much, drove me to create some of the finest, hand built tattoo equipment money can buy. Made by a tattooer for tattooers. This quality is what I put my name on and stand behind. Every piece is built by me, one at a time, with a surprisingly short lead time. My goal is to put my name in every professional tattoo shop in the world.

AlBro is proudly used in 67 countries and 6 continents and growing so when you choose to use my equipment, you are joining a worldwide family of satisfied tattooers. 

I'd like to thank you in advance for your interest and if you do not choose my equipment, please at least buy quality from a tattooer. It really does make a difference.

Thank You, AlBro