AlBro Electrical Devices


      Lifetime Warranty

Warranty covers manufacturer defect and NORMAL wear and tear. All warranty claims must be made directly to AlBro and NOT the distributor unless instructed to do so. 

Warranty DOES NOT cover abuse, neglect, or artist / apprentice error. Any dismantling, repairs, tweaks or any other modifications will VOID warranty.


‚ÄčAll warranty claims will be inspected by AlBro to determine action to be taken

(repair or replace)

Do Not assume it will be

automatically replaced.

Warranty will NOT be honored without

sending unit in for inspection.


‚ÄčTo make a claim, please email with a picture of the clip or RCA end of the cord or foot switch in question.

This warranty is generous and will be VOID if taken advantage of. When sending in cord or switch, IT MUST BE CLEAN. If you send me a biohazardous nightmare you will instantly VOID the warranty and receive the item back.